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First Teachers' Forum draws 110 teachers

The eBrain-IICD Teachers' Forum took place on Wednesday 26 May 2010. The original idea behind the forum was to give Zambian teachers - especially those who would not normally attend an international conference - the opportunity to come together and share their thoughts, concerns and experiences of using ICT. Its appeal lay in the fact that it took place in conjunction with the eLearning Africa forum, with the full support of ICWE - the conference organisers. This enabled the teachers to visit the conference and exhibition site too. Around 110 teachers attended., some braving a 6-hour bus ride from the Copperbelt to get here. 

Over and over - both in the presentations and in audience reactions - the lack of any basic infrastructure in Zambia and other African countries, especially in the remote areas, was cited as a major challenge. Out of 300 Zambian schools, only 30 have a power supply.

The chronic shortage of trained teachers is also a major issue. One of the presenters, John Stephen Agbenyo stated that in Ghana, class sizes range from 35 to 90 pupils. This rings true of many African countries.

Another challenge, particular to Zambia, is the community schools: when a teacher/student is trained to use ICT and then leaves. Opinions were divided on this one...

In Ghana, ICT is now a mandatory subject. Pupils have to pass the exam otherwise they will not get their dipoloma. Yet this begs the question, in a country where 53% of schools have no electricity at all is it fair to expect those children to compete in the same examination as priviiledged children.

More highlights to follow... 


Lusaka, Zambia
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