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School computer labs: A bad idea?

credit: M. Trucano's orginal blog entry, see url below

credit: M. Trucano's orginal blog entry, see url below

Hi all, I'd like to point you to a very insightful article written by the WorldBank's Mike Trucano. He has an incredible wealth of experience in ICT & Education programmes around the world, and poses himself (and us) the following question:
[If a country is ready to deploy massive numbers of computers across its schools for the first time], "Does it make sense to buy fewer computers, and put them at the point of learning (i.e. in the classroom), and not into separate computer labs, segregated from where instruction in 'core subjects' takes place?"

"As part of my job, I visit *lots* of schools around the world to see how they are actually using various types of educational technologies.  Usually, and inevitably, such trips feature a visit to the school computer lab, which is, more often than not, the locus for technology use in a school.  Generally speaking, I find that a school computer lab looks very much the same, no matter whether I am outside Pretoria or Phnom Penh. In most places I visit, putting all (or most) of a school's computers into a special 'computer lab' is seen as the obvious thing to do when a school is being 'computerized'.  This may seem obvious ... but is it really a good idea?"

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