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Where can I find a basic ICT course?

Do you know a website that I can direct people from developing countries to, to learn basic ICT skills without much further assistance? If not, I started the initiative, to create just that. But if a similar site already exists, I would really like to know. #ICT4D


Utrecht, Netherlands
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Learning resources on ICT skills for development practioners

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Saskia Harmsen

Tuesday, 13th September, 2011

Dear Cheryl,
One resource I can point you to is
It is a resource site which in turn provides links to ICT and media training/learning resources which have been assessed as being useful for development practioners (i.e. freely accessible, have meta desciptions as to what they contain, who they are useful for, etc.).
The idea behind this resource site is that people don't have to spend a lot of time searching for materials online, downloading, checking if its relevant etc., which can be time consuming and frustrating, especially in low-bandwidth areas.
The site isn't edited/updated as frequently at the moment as it used to be, but it still contains valuable resources I think. 

Other useful materials on using ICTs to support development are the IMARK self-learning courses, also available via the web. They are not focused on the ICT skills as is, but rather on the importance and application of ICTs to support effective information use.
Youc an find the IMARK courses here:

If other people have useful resources, I'd love to hear them and help spread them further!
Hope this helps Cheryl,
Cheers, saskia