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Formation of Female ICT Teachers' Association

Formation of Female ICT Teachers' Association

Savana Signatures has identified the low female participation in ICTs in Northern Ghana and as a result, the organization has come out with several strategies to improve upon female participation in ICT. One of such strategies is the formation of the Female ICT Teachers Association (FICTTA).
The Objectives of FICTTA are:

  • To build the capacity of female ICT teachers
  • To raise awareness of ICT among female teachers
  • To make visible female I.C.T. role models
  • To advocate more professional development for women teachers in the area of technology
  • To promote programmes in schools that will encourage girls to undertake studies in I.C.T.
  • To encourage partnership among schools, women groups and industry to increase the number of girls working and studying in I.C.T. fields.

The organisation will do with the support of all members and organisations on this list for the growth and stregthening of this Association. Please visit the news section of to read more or go here



Tamale, Ghana
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Comment Author

Agbenyo John Stephen

Tuesday, 25th January, 2011

 Dear Anne,
Many thanks for the comments on the FICTTA post.
I have taken note of them and have gone ahead to post in the gender advise forum. I hope that members will respond soon.


Thanks for sharing this news item!

Comment Author

Anne Schanz

Sunday, 23rd January, 2011

Hi Steve,
I was wondering if this wouldn't be great content for the iConnect gender group and also if you were willing to share some project related insights with us? E.g., which are the activities undertaken by the FICTTA to encourage young women in the use and study of ICTs? I see the initiative is still quite new, so maybe you would welcome suggestions by others who have worked in this field before? Why not ask in the gender advise forum and find out if someone has some ideas? Let's see if iConnect has some experience exchange potentials to help you get started!