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ICT4D advice for technologists, corporations, and development organizations

This blog post related to Plan's work in Kwale District, Kenya, brings forward for advice for the tech community, corporations and development organizations who want to build in ICTs for moving towards development goals.

Salim Mvurya, Plan's Area Manager in Kwale, gives his advice in a 6min video, but if your internet connection does not allow video, you can also read the transcript of what he says on the same page.

A few points he brings forward that relate to the topic of this forum ("what are crucial (technology-related) issues to address regarding designing and deploying ICT solutions to support development initiatives?") are: 
  • leave the process to be home grown, so that the ideas that are coming from outside are building on existing issues, so that the ideas are also looking at what kind of skills and what can be done on the ground, and looking also at issues of sustainability.
  • the ICT technical people [from a local office] should also have an opportunity to lead the ICT for development
  • Having the ICT coordinator be more of a ‘program’ person; [...] to also work around the program issues that the team is thinking, so it’s not just about looking at systems, looking at computers, but looking at how can all these ICT skills be able to help to develop programs. How can the ICT function be able to support innovations that are also going to enhance problem solutions at the community level. How can we use ICT to strengthen our interventions in the community?
  • a lot is happening in the world in terms of ICT. Also recognizing that development is changing… ICT is providing opportunities for greater advocacy and accountability, and I think getting the interest for looking at all this and trying to say 'what does this mean for development' I think is very very critical.
  • The youth constituency is emerging as very critical and they have interest in ICT. ICT is providing an opportunity for them to strengthen accountability but also to be able to get skills that they can use as individuals that can also make a contribution in economic development.
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Kwale, Kenya
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